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How to Transition from Conventional Garbage Bins to Recycle Bins

19 Mar | By POWER Bear

Different types of garbage bins for waste recycling

Should you still be using that conventional garbage bin or kitchen dustbin day in and day out? The answer is a big No, considering the growing need for more sustainable and eco-friendly waste collection, management, and disposal. For instance, in the USA alone, up to 25% of items that are disposed of are completely unrecyclable, which impacts the environment after ending up in landfills. 

At the same time, only 9% of the plastic in the world is recycled, which poses even bigger challenges. This where you may opt for smart waste bins that are steadily attaining popularity throughout the world. 

Issues with conventional garbage bins

Traditional garbage or kitchen garbage bins come with several issues of their own. Firstly, they do not provide any data about whether they are full or nearing their capacity. Secondly, they lead to wastage of time and resources on cleaning, waste sorting, identifying unusual items, and so on. 

These bins also lead to issues regarding controlling overflows and spills, saturation, planning routes, contamination of recyclables, and of course, proper waste gathering and disposal. 

How smart recycling bins can help 

Smart garbage bins are a godsend in developed or developing countries alike. These are advanced waste bins, which aim at sending lower waste volumes to landfills. They come with a variety of sensors and connectivity features along with analytics to improve recycling and waste management alike. They are tailored to infuse more convenience and efficiency into waste collection while making it immensely sustainable for both consumers and companies. Smart bins may have automatic sorting technology or even compactors. These are often backed up by AI and other technologies for identifying the type of waste and dispatching the same in the proper container. There are notifications once the containers are filled up, making it easier to prevent overflows and subsequent cleaning and maintenance hassles in turn. 

Sensors instantly identify whenever any waste product is deposited, while items are diverted to suitable containers within, while keeping contaminated items for landfills. Notifications are then sent to waste collection and management teams about the fill levels or capacity. This makes it possible to optimize routes and reduce labor and transportation costs to achieve a lower carbon footprint. AI-backed sorting is a key feature that you can integrate into your smart waste bin if you wish. It will fuse cameras and sensors for detecting objects and capture images which are then classified. In-built displays are other useful features to spread awareness and showcase personalized content. 

The analytics dashboard will help you track capacity, diversion rates, trends, patterns, and so on, thereby boosting decision-making considerably. These bins may also come with swivel lock wheels for easier movement on almost any surface. 

Green recycling trash bin

Get your smart recycling bin today 

Want to experience new-age waste collection, disposal, and management solutions? You should check out the smart garbage bins offered by POWER Bear. These come with various technologies that completely revolutionize waste management across households, public places, and communities. Invest in these advanced options and make the transition from using conventional waste bins. 

This will not only help you do your bit for the environment, but also save you time, money, and costs in good measure too. So what are you still waiting for? Check out the POWER Bear lineup of smart bins and order your suitable products at the earliest.

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