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After sales services

Once you buy any equipment from us, an end-to-end service delivery model is included. After sales services can be completely tailored to your requirements. All products from us come with reliable after sales services; whether it will be balers for carboard or plastic, shredders, garbage compactors, litter bins or waste containers.

  • End to end services with maintenance programs, keeping you comfortable.
  • Delivery model for installation and commissioning at site available.
  • We also offer training, orientation, and certification.
  • We are just a call away to assist you.
  • Our service and is equipped with the most necessary spare parts to deliver prompt and hassle-free service; and will report to you on site upon request.
  • You can choose and select tailor made maintenance programs, whether on site or at our workshop.
  • Real time maintenance assistance: we are just a call away for assisting your operator on phone or by remote access*
    * remote access available on selected equipment and models
  • Extended warranty available as well, a flexible model to fully integrate your contract needs and cover the risk accordingly.
  • Genuine spare parts and consumables: guaranteed availability in stock of any parts for 15 years.
  • Miscellaneous services also available to handle specific cases in case integration required for our products to another machine interface.
After-sale service for waste bin
After-sale service for trash bin
After-sale service for waste management products

After Sales

Your experience with us will not be limited to a purchase of any of our product equipment, it goes beyond that.

Our after sales service is well equipped to always serve you though out the product (or project) life cycle; backed by a skilled team of technicians.

We have service vans loaded with the necessary tools and spare parts, trained technicians, mechanical workshop, spare parts and inventory in store.


We provide on-site training for balers and other waste handling equipment. This can be tailored to suit various levels and skills of staff within your company, including technicians, operators, and other users.

Demo Trial & Evaluations

German Distribution can facilitate testing and evaluation of customer needs to ensure that our customers select the best equipment. This can be carried out on the client’s premises or at our workshop. We are flexible and agile!


Get in touch today and discover how your company can benefit from us.

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Preventive and Annual maintenance

  • Availability of a dedicated technical expert in maintenance engineering.
  • Have your equipment at its best condition though out the product life cycle.
  • Enhance the performance and efficiency of your equipment.
  • Generate savings from zero equipment downtime.
  • Peace of mind from productive and smooth operations.
  • Avoid undue breakdowns of equipment and parts.
  • Improves compliances with health & safety requirements.
  • Use genuine spare parts to improve life of the equipment.
  • Spare part stocking can be optimized.
  • Greater safety of operators.
  • Troubleshooting and repairs on time.
Annual Maintenance of waste skip
Maintenance of waste management equipments
Annual Maintenance of garbage skip

More than 10 years of experience and a long-time gained trust from our clients.

We have achieved the status of an extremely reliable, credible, and professional company to deal with.

Our maintenance and service teams are always available to support with expertise and knowledge.

We ensure that we maximize your product and installation life cycles to increase their performance and achieve the level of highest amortization of the equipment.

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Rental/ Rent-to own Services & Stop Gap Supply Option

  • Caters to your short-term equipment needs.
  • Flexible rental and rent-to own options, to economize your OPEX.
  • Local service with coverage across the UAE.
  • Shielding you from market fluctuations.
  • Project-specific rentals.
  • Price match assurance.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Stop gap supply of balers and other machinery.
Waste balers and compactors for rent

Power Bear offers wide range of balers and compactors in the UAE with both new and refurbished options. Usually, our baler rental terms are six months to a year, however we understand that every company is different and therefore, we can offer flexible rental options. We also offer “no minimum term” contracts on a rolling monthly basis. A full-service agreement is built in to support the deal.

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Special Services and Custom Solutions

  • Enhanced recycling and handling of waste.
  • Special bins specific to project requirement.
  • Tow-coupler for bins.
  • Locking post for wheelie bins.
  • Recycling apertures for bins.
  • Cages for storages of recyclables: Old Corrugated Cardboard, waste paper, plastics and cans.
  • Custom made skips to optimise logistics on flat bed trailers.
  • Bin lifters for 240 litre & 1.1 cbm bins.
  • Bin compactors for 1.1 cbm wheelie bins.
  • Fluorescent bulb and tube crushers.
Custom solution for special garbage bin
Special solution for special waste skip
Custom solution for special waste bin

In our experience, a customized solution - be it an application, a product, or a service - usually has challenges and our long-term experience and expertise allows feasible solutions. We know that our customers often require special machinery, which is unique to their process, so at Power Bear, our team spends enough time getting to know your unique needs and requirements in order to develop a custom solution for your requirement.

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Branding and Labelling

  • Hot stamps for wheelie plastic bins.
  • Personalised customer logos/ project branding.
  • Serial numbering.
  • Branding in accordance to recycling strategy.
  • Waste characterisation modelling.
  • Branding = Image of a company project as per branding guidelines.
  • Labelling that leads to:
    • Simplified compliance.
    • Business continuity and risk mitigation.
    • Better communication and responsiveness.

A successful brand can create and sustain a strong, positive, and lasting impression in the mind of a consumer. Brands provide external cues to design, performance, quality, value and prestige. It also conveys positive messages about a product, along with indicating the company or service to the consumer. Power Bear has delivered more than 100 branding solutions specific to product, specific project, special projects, and service providers, facility owners and gated communities.

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Digital Services

  • Mr. Fill Smart bins.
  • Fill level management and other sensor- related indicators.
  • Optimization of waste logistics.
  • Weighing technology.
  • Smart access technology.
  • Improved environment.
  • Analytics data to manage collection routes.
  • Data-driven decisions.
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Easy to Install.
  • Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Bin Identification based on RFID-UHF system.
Digital service for smart waste bin
Digital service for smart recycling bin
Digital service for smart waste skip

Digital services are also offered by us to enhance and complement the know how vs operations of the waste handling / recycling program. Reach us and we shall assess the requirements for delivering the project critical to success and efficiency.

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Modern Bin Management

  • Assembly and training on correct usage of bins.
  • Monitor trend of bin usage.
  • Health and safety.
  • Energy benefits.
  • Bin delivery/spare accessories fixing.
  • Bin and spares inventory management.
  • Bin distribution for large projects.
  • Bin recollection and end-of-lifecycle recycling.
  • Bin cleaning/washing.
  • Refurbishment and re-branding.
  • Spare part strategic stock service.
  • Full-service bin management.
  • Assistance on post-delivery 6 months usage report / observation report.
  • Cleaning manuals and maintenance.
Modern waste management of trash bin

Often experienced players come across challenges to perform consistently and reduce attrition in bins or waste containers life cycle. Modern bin management is an end-to-end service concept of maintenance of assets in a right way.

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Feasibility Studies

  • Possible for all Power Bear Products.
  • Specific to projects.
  • Prior to decision making.
  • Identifies new opportunities
  • Narrows business alternatives
  • Provides valuable information for a “go/no-go” decision
  • Aids decision-making on the project
Feasibility studies on waste management of waste bins
Feasibility studies on waste management by Power Bear

Power Bear offers feasibility studies for every initiative to alternatives that can be a start-up or expansion of an existing project: to either increase the scale or increase the efficiency. Going the extra mile to do a feasibility study will always help in making a financially viable decision. 

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