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Baler Machine by Power Bear
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All HSM environmental technology products helps enormously the environmental and economic handling of waste materials that are profitably recycled. These can be fed back into the recycling process as a secondary raw material. What is more: From a certain weight, waste balers have considerable market value. So it may mean that you will no longer need to pay to dispose of your waste, but rather use it to earn additional revenue. 

HSM waste baling presses can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 95 %! That means you can save valuable space which would otherwise be taken up at your site, plus, you will benefit from the generation of a secondary and valuable raw material – baled recyclable waste! Heavier bales are more valuable and are likely to return a financial benefit back to your business when collected by Waste Management companies or Recyclers – so instead of paying for disposal, it could actually provide an additional income. 

Features and added value:

The products range covers vertical, horizontal semi or fully automatic paper balers which can compress Cartons, PET bottles, etc., shredding-baling combination systems, technologies for  PET compaction to fully automatic baler systems for professional waste disposal operations. All is possible from our range of products for volume reduction, efficient & cost effective recycling. 

If you choose from product range, you will benefit from our comprehensive service at every phase. Wherever you want to use our products, we can deliver, install, train and commission at your place. The reliability of our equipment is self-speaking as almost all industry leaders are satisfied using our products & services. We are a phone call away for onsite & after sales support. 

HSM V Press
HSM Horizontal Press
HSM Channel Bailing Press
HSM Barrel Press
HSM V–Press 60 HSM V–Press 504 Eco HSM V–Press 610 Eco HSM V-Press 820 Plus HSM V–Press 825 Plus HSM V – Press 860 Eco HSM V – Press 1160 Eco
HSM V Press 60 Trash Baler

HSM V–Press 60

The mobile baling press HSM V-Press 60 compacts plastic film and Lightweight packaging material right where the material is. The used packing material is fed into the HSM V-Press 60 immediately after unpacking and does not need to be transported to interim storage. The V Press 60 is used majorly in small retails shops and supermarkets to reduce the volume and increase the space.

HSM V Press 504 Trash Baler

HSM V–Press 504

The entry-level model HSM V-Press 504 allows for the economical disposal of your packaging waste. Easy Bale removal and transport with discharge trolley. The V Press 504 is majorly used in small retail shops & small supermarkets. It has very small footprint as compared to other V Press models.

HSM V Press 610 Trash Baler

HSM V–Press 610 Eco

The V-Press 610 reduces the volume of cardboard or foils in an economical way. Highly compressed bales can already be marketed without requiring any further pressing. The Eco 610 is suitable for mid-size super markets & retails stores.

HSM V Press 820 Trash Baler

HSM V-Press 820 Plus

Thanks to its powerful motor, ergonomic design, sophisticated and innovative technology the HSM V-Press 820 is a perfect mid-size baler. Bale strapping is done with polyester tape. The bale size and weight is more suitable for Hypermarket & Supermarkets.

HSM V Press 825 Trash Baler

HSM V–Press 825 Plus

The HSM V-Press 825 is especially unique baler with its very low height. Thanks to its powerful motor, its ergonomic design and its sophisticated and innovative technology. Bale strapping is done with polyester tape. V Press 825 is more suitable for operating where the less height is available. Its operations is suitable for logistics companies, recycling companies, mid-size super markets.

HSM V Press 860 Trash Baler

HSM V – Press 860 Eco

Recyclers favorite baler due to its high density bale output, low-noise and energy-saving technology, the HSM V-Press 860 is the most economical solution for your recyclables compacting. Suitable for cardboard as well as film. V Press 860 balers are capable of processing high volumes of recyclables into extremely dense, mill size bales, up to 480kg. Due to uniformity in bale density, bales are efficient to transport.

HSM V Press 1160 Trash Baler

HSM V – Press 1160 Eco

With a maximum bale weight of 550 kg, strong pressing power and an absolutely high efficiency level, the HSM V-Press 1160 is the top-model of the HSM V-Press series. Rapid stroke technology saves time and money. These are known as Mill Size Balers and due to their uniformity in bale density, they are more efficient to transport. V Press 1160 is largely suitable for paper recycling plants, OCC traders. medium manufacturing paper and cardboard units.

HSM 8 TE HSM 12 Gigant HSM HL 1615 HSM HL 3521 HSM HL 4809 ST
Paper Baler Machine HSM 8 TE Horizontal Press


In terms of performance, efficiency and flexibility our mobile HSM 8 TE small baler is hard to beat. This compact baling press is extremely easy to operate: insert the strapping tape, switch it on and watch it go!

Paper Baler Machine HSM 12 Gigantic Horizontal Press

HSM 12 Gigant

HSM 12 Gigant is in its element anywhere where voluminous cardboard packaging, plastic film or other materials need to be pressed. The extremely large loading aperture makes the unit simple and convenient to load.

Paper Baler Machine HSM HL 1615 Horizontal Press

HSM HL 1615

This all-purpose stationary baler is designed for high loads and completely flattens paper scraps, large cardboard boxes, plastic foils and comparable materials – even rigid paint cans and light metal barrels (up to 200 liters). To handle even extremely one-sided loads in the press chamber, the press ram guidance has a specially large and sturdy construction.

Paper Baler Machine HSM HL 3521 Horizontal Press

HSM HL 3521

The HSM HL 3521 S, with its exceptionally large loading aperture is the perfect machine for compressing large quantities of paper, cardboard, foils or packaging material and for extremely large and bulky materials. It also has been especially designed for compressing strongly expanding material such as foam.

Paper Baler Machine HSM HL 4809 Horizontal Press

HSM HL 4809 ST

This very compact, horizontal working counter plate press is suitable for large disposal tasks in retail and in small to medium central storages. The integrated hydraulic lifting/tilting device significantly reduces the number of people required to compact the recycling material.

HSM VK 807 HSM VK 2310 HSM VK 3012 HSM VK 4012 HSM VK 6215 HSM VK 12018
Waste Balers HSM VK 807 Channel Bailing Press

HSM VK 807

HSM VK 807 is ideally suitable for industrial applications with small material loads - Throughput up to approx. 28 m³/h. Particularly suitable for cardboard, films and bleeds of paper.

Waste Balers HSM VK 2310 Channel Bailing Press

HSM VK 2310

Ideal baler choice for carton manufacturing companies with industrial applications & small material loads - Throughput up to approx. 134 m³/h.

Waste Balers HSM VK 3012 Channel Bailing Press

HSM VK 3012

Ideal baler choice for carton manufacturing companies & interim recyclers or paper traders with industrial applications & small material loads. Throughput up to approx. 228 m³/h

Waste Balers HSM VK 4012 Channel Bailing Press

HSM VK 4012

A fully automatic baler for industrial applications with special requirements for industrial applications with special requirements - Throughput up to approx. 239 m³/h.

Waste Balers HSM VK 6215 Channel Bailing Press

HSM VK 6215

A professional choice for fully automatic large industrial applications with high material throughput rates for professional disposal management or larger industrial applications with high throughput rates - up to approx. 540 m³/h.

Waste Balers HSM VK 12018 Channel Bailing Press

HSM VK 12018

An Ideal & very high performance & large fully automatic baler for larger industrial applications with high throughput rates - up to approx. 887 m³/h. Suitable for cardboard, plastic film and compressing DSD goods, UBC as well as PET bottles (other materials on request). Gimballed press cylinder system - Reduced wear on the pressing cylinder and press ram guides.

HSM FP 3000 Barrel Press
Waste Balers HSM FP 3000 Barrel Press

HSM FP 3000 Barrel Press

Popular baler for drum & industrial filters compacting. Excellently suited for pressing light metal and rolled hoop barrels. Automatic return stroke saves time, overheads and personnel costs HSM FP 3000 is ideally suited to the pressing of barrels. Operating the press is easy and very safe, due to its fully enclosed design. The press requires little space and can be installed wherever it is needed. An explosion-proof (EEx) version of the barrel press is also available.

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