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Expert tips to maximize waste bin efficiency

13 Feb | By POWER Bear

Father and son throwing trash in the waste bin

Everyone who has waste bins in their homes has struggled with one of the main problems with it at some point. Staring at a bulging bin, overflowing with the waste we generate in our daily lives, feeling a twinge of guilt and maybe a hint of frustration. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to this problem. And these are simple solutions that don’t require drastic lifestyle changes or some intense moral obligation to save the planet. Just a few simple tweaks and expert-backed tips can transform your waste game, saving money and minimizing your environmental footprint. 

Start recycling and contributing to the circular economy

Remember, the best waste is waste never created! Not everything you don’t need should be heading towards the landfills anyway. Embrace recycling culture and ditch the single-use mentality. Start investing in reusables like canvas bags, water bottles, and cloth napkins. 

They're not just trendy accessories or expensive fashion statements but investments that are designed to significantly reduce your waste burden.

But don’t just do it for the sake of it. Recycling is a responsibility

Recycling is awesome, but let's do it right. Learn and follow local recycling guidelines.Not everything with a recycling symbol needs immediate recycling. Familiarize yourself with accepted materials and sorting instructions. Tossing anything you have into a recycle bin without checking which material it is can undo all the good work that goes into recycling as a concept. Remember, clean and flattened recyclables are happy recyclables, so rinse those containers, crush those cardboard boxes before you dispose of them. Waste balers in recycling zones can’t segregate the waste they’re baling and all it’ll take is one irresponsibly recycled item to waste the entire effort. Pun intended.

Meal plans can go a long way with waste management 

We know everyone’s been talking about meal plans lately, but they’re not just a fad. Start planning your meals not just to improve your time management, but also to avoid food waste. Get creative with leftovers, consider exploring the wonders of food storage, and discover the fascinating world of composting. Your biodegradable waste isn’t meant to go into your plastic trash bin. Invest in a recycle bin for biodegradable waste so that it can be responsibly disposed of and doesn’t contribute to contamination.

Start shopping smart and embrace minimalism

Don’t add to the clutter when you go out shopping. Opt for products with minimal packaging, and for items you use frequently, consider buying in bulk (just be sure you have the storage space to avoid creating a new kind of clutter!). Remember, every choice you make has an impact, so choose wisely and watch your waste shrink like a deflating balloon.

Cute waste bin

Choose the right garbage bins for your household.

It might feel like your home garbage bin isn’t playing such an important role in the grand scheme of things, but that’s not the case. The little things matter. Choose the right size for your household. Going for something too small will lead to overflowing and that’s not a healthy situation. On the other hand, bins that are too large take up too much space and could potentially increase the clutter. Consider reusable bin liners for dry waste, and strategically compact recyclables and crushable materials to maximize space. Don't forget to consistently clean your bin. Think of it as preventative maintenance for your waste disposal system.

By embracing these simple tips and tricks, not only are you saving yourself a lot of frustration from the unhygienic presence of improperly disposed of waste, but you’re also contributing to the global cause of responsible waste management. After all, a little effort goes a long way, and together, we can create a world where overflowing bins become a relic of the past. Every little choice makes a difference in the global pursuit of responsible waste disposal.

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