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Composting with Plastic Dustbins - Creative Solutions for Smaller Spaces

21 Mar | By POWER Bear

Plastic trash bin

Are you keen to cut waste but don't have the luxury of a big backyard? Do not be worried. Plastic dustbins are a creative solution for smaller spaces that can be used to transform your kitchen scraps and yard waste into fertile soil for your plants. It's as easy as it is satisfying to help the environment and grow your own plants, even if you have an apartment or have limited outdoor space. Therefore, let's move on to this green method of composting and find out how you, too, can contribute to the well-being of our planet by using simple tools at your availability.

How to compost with plastic dustbins

Composting is a brilliant way to mitigate your waste and produce high-quality, nutrient-rich soil for the garden. While there are multiple composting methods, the cheap and easy method that can first be used is a plastic trash bin.

  • Choose the Right Dustbin: When it comes to managing your household waste effectively, choosing the right dustbin is key. Look for a durable option with a tightly closed lid to prevent odours and pests. Depending on the size of your family and the amount of garbage you produce, consider a 120-litre dustbin for an average household or opt for large plastic waste bins with 600 litres or more capacity for bigger families.
  • Add Brown and Green Materials: To kick-start your composting journey, it's important to balance brown and green materials. Brown materials like dry leaves, newspapers, and cardboard provide carbon-rich elements, while green materials such as fruit and vegetable scraps, lawn clippings, and coffee grounds offer nitrogen-rich nutrients for your compost pile.
  • Layer the Materials: Layering these materials is a crucial step in the composting process. Start with a brown layer at the bottom and alternate with green materials, ensuring the bin fills three-quarters of the way. To aid decomposition, shred larger food scraps and sprinkle some water over the layers to maintain the ideal moisture level. Your compost should be moist but not overly wet.
  • Wait for the Compost to Mature: Patience is key as you wait for your compost to mature. The duration of the composting process can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Once your compost is ready, it should have a dark brown colour, a crumbly texture, and a pleasant earthy smell - a true testament to the success of your composting efforts.

Plastic bins that you can use for composting

Composting can be used as a method through which you can limit waste and also increase the nutrient level of the soil in your garden. Therefore, most individuals use plastic bins to hold their organic materials neatly. One great choice is an MGB bin made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These bins are sturdy, UV-resistant, and available in various sizes. How about the well-known wheelie bin, which is also available online? These bins are portable and can secure a large amount of waste. Regardless of which bin you choose, composting with plastic bins is eco-friendly and hassle-free to decrease your environmental effect.

Large plastic waste bins

Cut down your waste disposal with composting

To sum up, using a plastic dustbin for composting is a perfect solution, making your yard resemble a green little paradise. Making composting more practical and fun is the simple idea of bringing home some of the smallest spaces. Using the easy-to-follow tips in this article, you will be surprised that you can start the composting process at your home. The two advantages of this habit are that it saves your carbon footprint and serves as the source of green fertilizer for the garden. You can also check out plastic dustbins and other innovative products from POWER Bear for your needs. So why wait? Today, begin composting and get many advantages from such an eco-friendly activity!

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