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Bin-E Automatic Waste Sorting Machine for Medical Facilities

11 Oct | By POWER Bear

Garbage Compactor Machine For Sorting Medical Waste

Inside a hospital or any medical facility, waste management is a critical concern as they are responsible for the segregation and processing for their own facilities. This includes all types of waste items including medical and non-medical, hazardous, and non-hazardous, etc. Towards the better part of the day, the health and safety of the patients and the staff depends on the ability to keep hospital waste streams separate and clean. The hospitals and medical facilities need to be equipped with proper equipment to handle distinct types of waste materials efficiently. In addition to this, there should be a training session for staff members so that they can do the job efficiently. With the Bin-E, medical waste management in hospitals will be easier than ever before.

Bin-E is an automatic waste sorting machine that is capable of using Artificial Intelligence to segregate waste materials and recyclables so that we can cut down on human interaction with the contamination. It is generally used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, office spaces, and other environments which produce a substantial amount of waste. The machine is designed to work with a hospital's existing system, so it will fit seamlessly into your current flow of waste materials. Bin-E has been designed with simplicity in mind and yet, it holds standards in durability that helps it withstand the day-to-day usage in a busy hospital setting. In addition to that, it is accented by a sleek design that blends into any environment. Not to mention, it takes only one person to empty the machine, so it is a perfect fit for small hospitals or clinics that do not have large teams of employees available to manage their waste. 

The important part is that Bin-E was crafted with the aim of reducing the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill or an incinerator. The automatic waste sorting feature is implemented with an internally equipped infrared camera that can detect materials like paper, plastic, and glass. The machine works well with paper products like napkins or tissues which would otherwise be difficult for humans to separate completely by hand. This helps the machine sort through all sorts of materials without having to stop or pause for manual inspection. Not to mention, you will not have to worry about mixing up items such as plastic bottles with food scraps when you are disposing them later. With Bin-E in place, all you need now is a food waste bin that can help with the organic food wastes. 

Now, where does Bin-E fit?

Let us start with the hospital hallways where patients, visitors and the hospital staff are passing by at any given moment. From soda cans, plastic cups, to surgical cotton, the waste being dumped in the litter bins are not the same. When dumped together, it gets hard to segregate them and, in an environment, such as a hospital setting, you will need to keep an eye on your multi stream waste bins to make sure no one drops blood-stained surgical cotton buds in between plastic bottles. 

Now, let us consider the laboratories (labs in short) or the various operation theatres inside a hospital. From surgical gloves, glass bottles, test tubes, drip bags and more; we still observe a diverse list of waste materials that are bound for your litter/garbage bins frequently.

There is no limitation to where the Bin-E can be used. The right way to look at it is "How much can I maximise on Bin-E 's potential". As it is a proven fact that this is a great way to minimise on your time and effort, Bin-E will be an exceptional addition to any environment with a demands waste management. 

Automatic waste sorting machine

How does the tech in Bin-E help cut down on manpower and time consumption? 

Bin-E is not only an AI enabled marvel, but it also connects to the cloud, which helps the person in charge plan their waste management routines efficiently. How? The dashboard available via web or the app provides intuitive analytics and usage data that not only help plan for the future, but also helps them keep track of their waste generation and fractional utilisation on a day-to-day basis. The best part is being able to identify which waste material consumes more resources and being able to tackle the needs effectively. Being able to avoid shortcomings in medical and hazardous waste management on the long run is possibly the best thing that could happen to the head of waste management at any medical institution.

Considering the recent events of COVID-19 that plagued the world, automated waste management stations such as Bin-E proved to be a fast solution for many medical institutions where time and manpower became scarce quicker than someone could spell COVID. Pre-sorted waste proved to be an ally as the waste management department did not have to dig through and separate the cotton and other cloth from glass and plastic.

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