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What are smart bins and why are they used?

13 Mar | By POWER Bear

Smart bin for waste recycling

Have you heard of smart bins? These are transforming waste recycling and waste management significantly across the globe. Smart cities are steadily coming up in various regions, thereby necessitating the implementation of cutting-edge civic infrastructure and technologies. With the high increase in waste volumes, there is a need for disposal systems that take environment-friendliness into account. This is where the need for proper recycling machines and smarter bins comes into play. Let us take a closer look at what these innovations mean. 

Smart Bins- Knowing More About Them

Have you heard of Mr Fill or other smart bins? These are more advanced waste recycling bins that are technologically-upgraded as compared to regular bins. The goal here is sending a lower volume of waste to landfills. These bins usually get diverse connectivity attributes and sensors in tandem with data-analytics for enhancing both recycling and management of waste. They can be tailored to ensure higher efficiency in these processes while upholding sustainability at the same time. 

These bins may sometimes get technologies like compactors or automatic sorting along with data capturing and sensors, as mentioned. AI and other technologies often help in identifying the category of waste before dispatching the same to suitable containers accordingly. Upon the containers getting filled up, the smart bins empty out automatically while the waste is then diverted to suitable facilities for recycling purposes. 

Functioning of Smart Bins- Why and How They Help 

Smart bins help in various ways, which explains their increasing usage in recent years. Here are some of the key aspects worth noting in this regard: 

  • There are several kinds of smart bins that are available these days with diverse features. 
  • These waste recycling bins get sensors for noting the fill levels and transmitting the data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This enables optimization of waste collection sites and routes while lowering pickups that are not needed. Sensors and cameras may also help identify the waste type that is being placed. 
  • Many of these recycling machines are linked via IoT (Internet of Things), which makes it possible to get communication in real-time between multiple smart bins and central command/control operations and teams managing waste collection and disposal. 
  • Data may be gathered from these bins, which includes the waste type, fill level, location, etc. This will help in finding out trends/patterns for waste disposal, thereby enabling improved decision-making regarding schedules for collecting waste, recycling initiatives, allocation of resources, etc. 
  • Some bins may even dispatch notifications to personnel involved in waste management when they are about to touch their whole capacity. It will keep overflow at bay while lowering the impact on the environment. 
  • Smart bins help in the creation of collection routes that are more dynamic and based on insights from multiple bins. It will lower carbon emissions overall, that otherwise arise from the consumption of fuel. 
  • The data that is collected helps authorities understand more about the waste disposal and generation practices of entire communities. It will enable the planning of proper awareness and recycling campaigns while understanding the waste types being generated and the peak times for the same. 
  • These smart bins can also positively impact the behavior of individuals. They can encourage higher consciousness regarding waste disposal. Whenever people witness the fill levels being affected by their waste disposal habits, then waste collection and disposal may eventually become more sustainable and responsible at an individual level. 
  • Smart bins help save costs with lesser trips and reduced fuel and labor costs with optimized collection routes and data-based operations. Littering and overflow may also be prevented, thereby saving extra costs on maintenance and cleaning alike. 

Smart bin for waste management

There are several smart bins that provide numerous advantages to communities, public authorities, and Governments. They enable higher sustainability and environment-friendliness, keeping an eye on the future. Buyers can take their pick from various solutions across leading brands in this industry. For instance, POWER Bear offers solar compacting bins in 120 and 240-litre capacities. They help combat litter throughout busy cities and other regions. The Mr Fill Ultra 240L for instance, can process five times the volume of waste in comparison to conventional bins. There are numerous material choices along with extras such as communication platforms, solar panels, compactors, display, localization, automatic cover closing when full, remote locking, and more. 

POWER Bear offers designer bins which can also be customized as per buyer needs. There are various modular recycling, designer litter, multi-stream, smoking control, security, dog waste, food court/catering waste, and MGB bins on offer. Being the top waste management equipment supplier throughout the Middle East ,POWER Bear is known for crafting products that adhere to the highest and most stringent industry standards. The company not only functions as an OEM manufacturer, but also as a distributor of leading global brands in the segment.

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