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Special Actions Taken Against COVID-19

12 Nov | By POWER Bear

Special Actions Taken by Power Bear Against COVID-19

We’d like to update you on the precautions we’ve taken to keep our employees, customers, and our community safe from the coronavirus. Here’s what we’re doing for our employees: 

  • Our top concern is ensuring their health and safety, so we've made few process updates – from enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures, to new efforts like disinfectant stations. 
  • We've distributed personal protective gear, such as masks for our employees, and implemented disinfectant spraying and temperature checks across our operations worldwide. 
  • Someone diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive up to two weeks of paid time off – this, in addition to their other paid and unpaid time-off options. 
  • Power Bear’s employees receive comprehensive health benefits starting on day one of their employment. 

Throwing dirty surgical mask in the garbage bin

What are we doing for our customers? 

  • We're providing free masks to customers, and everyone is checked every time they enter our premises. 
  • Regular enhanced cleaning of our office and warehouses for customer visits. 
  • Our team takes all major safety precautions to keep the premises safe and secure for both our employees and customers. 


We're vigorously combating price gouging to help protect customers, ensure fair pricing, and thwart those who seek to profit from the COVID-19 crisis. 

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