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How Garbage Skip Bins Improve Waste Management

22 Dec | By POWER Bear

Yellow waste skip by Power Bear

One of the most common causes of the global climate crisis is improper waste disposal by human beings. According to a 2018 report by The World Bank, the average person generates over 400 kilograms of waste annually. Excessive waste generation and improper disposal has turned into a global issue with environmentalists and organizations scampering to find a solution. Among the most common solutions being employed right now are garbage skip bins. Garbage Skip Bins are large containers used to consolidate waste and enable responsible disposal.

Garbage Skip Bins can efficiently manage landfill waste

Landfill Waste is a term used to describe dump yards, where all waste collected by humans is collectively disposed of without segregation, creating a “landfill” of waste. Studies estimate that landfills contribute to around 20% of global methane emissions. Garbage Skip bins can play an impactful role in reducing these emissions significantly. They’re large and are designed to enable segregation. Waste that is segregated and identified is much easier to dispose of responsibly without harming the environment.

Waste Skip Bins contribute to a circular economy

Another major benefit of garbage skip bins is that they encourage and contribute to a circular economy. Waste Skip bins enable segregated waste. They come in a range of colors and some of them, with recyclable compartments. Recyclable waste can be disposed of in the designated bin, making scope for reusability and responsible disposal, instead of adding to landfill waste.

Improved Efficiency and Convenience

Garbage Skip Bins also provide the benefit of improved efficiency and convenience for everyday citizens as well as Waste Disposal organizations. Owing to their large size and ability to compartmentalize and segregate waste, they can be strategically placed to consolidate waste from an area and avoid long trips to different waste disposal sites. Different types of waste require different approaches to disposal and skip bins provide the added benefit of segregation. This makes them the ideal solution to identify and dispose of waste using the right methods.

Skip Bins address safety and hygiene issues

Among the most common causes of infectious diseases are littering and improper waste disposal. Skip Bins play a huge role in alleviating this problem. Placing garbage skip bins in residential areas can stop people from littering and keep waste from amassing in areas that could turn into landfill hazards. Skip Bins are also designed to contain and subdue odors and pests, preventing the spread of infectious diseases and maintaining hygiene.

Metal Garbage Skip by Power Bear

Waste Skip Bins are an affordable and cost-effective solution

Garbage Skip Bins are a much more convenient and affordable solution for organizations and societies than individual waste management services. Construction sites are a common example of this. They’re among the largest generators of waste in residential and commercial areas. Waste skip suppliers in Dubai cater largely to construction sites, keeping the city’s debris and construction waste at a minimum, despite its rapid infrastructure growth.

Garbage skip bins can consolidate and collect a much larger volume of waste from a locality, reducing the number of required garbage collection runs. Additionally, they’re also much easier to manage and automatically load into garbage trucks using their mechanisms, reducing the required manpower. In the long run, garbage skip bins are a much more cost-effective and affordable solution to conventional waste management methods. German Distribution LLC offers a diverse range of Garbage Skip bins at affordable prices, which include open-top, covered, REL, and skips with crane hooks. A study by the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia found that using skip bins for construction waste can be 15-20% cheaper than traditional methods.

Garbage skip bins aren’t just a convenient waste management solution; they also play a role in enabling responsible waste management. They’re made of materials that are environmentally friendly and large enough to hold waste gathered in small localities and areas. Their compartmentalised approach also makes for convenient identification of different types of waste, making it easier to dispose of in bulk.

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