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5 Useful Tools to Upgrade Your Waste Management Arsenal

20 Mar | By POWER Bear

Waste management companies in Dubai

When it comes to efficient waste management, there are several advanced tools that have come into play in recent years. A closer look at the evolving scenario for waste management in UAE will tell you how smarter tools have upgraded the whole industry considerably. Let us take a closer look at the top five such options that you can add to your arsenal. 

Best waste management tools worth opting for 

Here are some waste management tools that are used by leading waste management companies in Dubai and you can use them too. 

  • Solar Compactor Bins- These are favourite choices for waste management companies in UAE. You can take your pick from leading compactor bins that will help you reduce waste volumes along with CO2 emissions alongside. They will enable better compacting operations for areas which need collections frequently. Mr Fill’s waste collection Dubai solution is a case in point from POWER Bear. This comes with galvanized steel for durability and can be applied across movie theatres, public parks, educational institutions, convention centres, public stadiums, and other places. These bins also have flap and foot pedal functionality for waste disposal. The waste is scanned by sensors on the top when it comes into the wheelie bin. 
  • Aerobic Food Waste Processor- Another top waste management solution is an aerobic food waste processor. This is known for its portable and smaller dimensions which make it easy to accommodate in eateries, shacks, food trucks, and more. It can easily process cooked food along with meat, vegetables, fruit, and more. The POWER Bear OG15 or Baby ORCA is an example worth considering. You can use this at recreational or community centres along with accommodation units and grocery stores too. 
  • Portable Waste Compactors- Leading waste management companies in Dubai make use of these compactors for various purposes. They are helpful in lowering the volume of waste at facilities like shopping centres, airports, hotels, and more. The compactor will lower haulage trips to the landfill and reduce carbon footprint. You can find compactors that comply with chain loader or hook lift trucks minus any hassles. Opt for leak-proof or wet-waste compactors as well, depending on your specific requirements. 
  • Galvanized Steel Bins- A prominently-used tool for waste collection Dubai, these bins are usually deployed throughout commercial hubs and towers. The trolley bins have to adhere to various standards and enable more efficient waste collection. You will find 1.1 cbm MGB bins with dome-shaped lids. They are also easily stackable in order to ensure maximum convenience during transportation. 
  • Plastic MGB Bins- Another useful tool to have in your arsenal is a plastic MGB bin which is ideal for households and other areas. There are two and four wheeled versions available along with three-wheeled options. You can also get these bins customized as per your specific requirements. 

Waste collection in Dubai

These are some of the top waste management tools that you can add to your arsenal for saving time, money, and energy in waste collection, disposal, and management. Check out the best waste management tools from POWER Bear, one of the most reputed industry names in this category. From smart bins to compactors, there are a variety of products tailored to suit diverse application requirements.

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