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5 Must-Know Tips for Compactor Machine Users

15 Mar | By POWER Bear

Two waste compactor machine

Compactor machines are necessities for waste disposal and handling. Yet, several times, managers and workers end up neglecting some basic safety standards that should be followed for a variety of waste compactors. Ensuring higher safety is a must in order to lower the possibilities of claims related to damages/injuries while also keeping downtime to a minimum. It will ultimately enhance profitability and overall productivity considerably for operators. 

The practices of waste collection from compactor dumpsters need to be aligned with prevailing safety standards. This is all the more important, since these machines are mostly used in public zones that generate large waste volumes, including shopping centres, malls, community centres, commercial areas, and the like. Here are the top five tips that are worth following in this regard. 

Safety Standards for Compact Machines- Key Tips 

Here are some safety standards that will come in handy for garbage compactors or other types of contemporary waste compactors. 

  • Training for drivers- Companies should make it a point to recruit drivers who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field. After all, they are the ones who hold responsibility for maintaining proper operations of compactor dumpsters along with running their day-to-day mechanisms. Hence, drivers should be trained to follow safety rules before they enter the industry. At the same time, they should be made aware of the need for physical and mental preparation before stepping into their cabins. Staying properly hydrated and well-fed along with taking breaks periodically are the need of the hour in this case. Hence, the first safety standard to follow is health and safety training programs for drivers. 
  • Protective equipment is a must- Both hoppers and drivers can take their pick from several PPE kit choices while running compactor machines. Companies should equip them with the right reflective vests with colors that are clearly visible along with masks, goggles, protective equipment like gloves and even hard hats. This will go a long way towards upholding safety standards and lowering the risks of mishaps. 
  • Compliance with Pre-Route Inspections- Another way to maintain proper safety compliance is to have pre-route inspections. This can be made mandatory, with checks done for the vehicle's safety and condition prior to starting waste collection. Drivers will thus get adequate time to fix damages, leaks, and other niggles, while taking care of sudden repairs smoothly. It will enable planning for any such challenges that may come up during work shifts and keep the safety quotient high. 
  • Adhering to public regulations- Safety standards should be maintained on the road too. These include wearing seatbelts and always watching out for any blind spots. Drivers should stick to a safer speed while on the road. Hoppers should also be in the cabin on the freeways or highways as per regulations in several regions. Other such road regulations should be upheld at all times. 
  • Technology counts- There are several advanced sensors and other technological systems that may enhance vehicle safety and control. These include emergency braking features, warnings for collisions, detectors for blind spots, and so on. 

Compactor dumpster for waste management

As can be seen, it is essential to maintain safety standards at all times while using compactor machines. Companies should also invest in suitable products in this category which come with easy compliance to chain loader/hook lift trucks and specific engineering for better performance. For regions like the Middle East, buyers may check out the POWER Bear lineup of portable waste compactors that are produced as per the specifications of the region. Wet-waste compactors are also available with leak-proof and full-sealing features. 

There are larger liquid-holding tasks for wet waste in this case too. The brand also provides compactors which are customized to suit the needs of customers, who can also order them with detachable/integrated mobile hydraulic bin-lifters. Big hopper/feeder availability is another advantage in various cases. Fill-level 80% indicators also enable alerts in a timely manner, thereby ensuring smooth haulage to landfills.

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