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Exploring the Future of Recycling and Recycle Bins

26 Mar | By POWER Bear

Recycling bins for home

According to recent studies, a person, on average, generates up to 4kg of waste daily. The global amount of waste generated is expected to reach over 3 billion by 2050. The rising amount of waste is concerning, driving the need for better waste management and recycling systems. Gone are the days when just regular waste bins were enough. New-age waste management techniques involving smart recycle bins, compact and portable waste collectors, and modern recycling machines are integral for improving how we manage waste.

What are modern waste management techniques?

Unlike earlier days when garbage from the streets and any other place ended up being dumped in an unorganised heap, modern waste management involves garbage sorting, storage, and recycling. Doing this not only reduces the amount of space needed for storing garbage but also offers an effective way to dispose of it properly. Modern waste recycling techniques like using recycling bins for each type of waste (cans, paper, plastic, etc) and smart bins play a big role in shaping modern waste management.

Some modern waste and garbage recycling options

Whether you are looking for recycling bins for home, office, or public space, plenty of options are available in the market. Here are some of them.

Solar Compacting Bins

Solar Compacting Bins are smart bins most aptly used for public spaces with plenty of sun exposure. These smart bins are battery-powered and recharge with solar energy. The bins are programmed and designed to store a larger amount of waste than regular bins. So how does it work? The bins have a built-in measurement system that measures the quantity of waste inside the bin. Once the quantity of waste reaches a threshold amount, the smart bin starts compressing and compacting the contents to generate more space inside. This technology allows the smart recycling bin to process and store up to five times more waste. Consequently, it also helps waste management organisations reduce waste collection efforts to prevent overflowing garbage bins.

Paper Shredder Machine

Paper waste makes up for the majority of daily industrial waste. The process of recycling paper involves a few crucial steps.

  • Collection and sorting
  • Pressing and shredding
  • Soaking 
  • De-inking
  • Drying

Out of all these steps, shredding takes up the most time, and it is a crucial step that determines the overall quality of the recycled paper. While there are several ways to shred paper waste, none come close to Paper Shredder’s speed and efficiency. The machine can shred hundreds of paper sheets, greatly reducing the time needed to process paper waste. Plus, the machines often come with a storage box, preventing any messes while processing waste paper.

AI-Based Smart Paper, Metal, Glass and Plastic Recycling Machine

AI is increasingly becoming a part of life and is now finding its way into waste management systems. With AI, waste management has become fast and smart. AI-based recycling machines are the newest innovation of technological advancements. These machines can not only make waste management more time-efficient but also cost-efficient. AI-based recycling machines come with unique features, such as:

  • An automatic opening flap.
  • Automatic waste identification and segregation system.
  • Real-time waste storage monitoring report.

Waste recycling bin

How Important Are Modern Recycling Bins

With growing awareness of our impact on the environment, recycling has become a vital element of waste management. Recycling is no longer considered an option but a need of the hour. Recycling is becoming more widespread with new and advanced recycling technologies that make it easy, quick and accessible for all to recycle. New innovations like smart recycle bins that use AI technology to sort waste have made recycling easier for everyone. Plus, with these state-of-the-art recycling systems, we are getting a step closer to a cleaner and healthier world for us.

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