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Choosing the Right Garbage Skip - A Cost-Effective Guide

22 Mar | By POWER Bear

Red skip bin for waste management

As far as waste management is concerned, the right selection of garbage skip is a very important decision. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner or a contractor, using the right skip will save you time, money and stress. But, with all those choices, how do you know which one is the right one for you? This comprehensive guide will take you step by step as we go through things you need to consider when choosing the correct waste skip for you. We will point out important things one should keep in mind, like waste type, size of the skip, and budget, to avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money.

Types of Skips You Can Use

The various types of skips that you can use to meet your waste disposal needs include the following.

  • Large Skips for Chain Loader Trucks: These are industrial skips which are precisely made for loading with chain loader trucks. These breaks are perfect for the disposal of huge loads of rubbish produced by industries and construction sites.
  • Galvanised Steel Bin: Another option of the skip that you can use is the galvanised steel bin. The skip bins that are compatible with rear-end loader compactor trucks are specially made for waste collection in residential areas.
  • MGB Bins: The MGB plastic bins are designed in accordance with the DIN standard for compactor truck lifting. These carts are perfect for commercial and residential garbage collection since they are easy to handle and come in different sizes to suit your requirements.

Factors to Consider When Making the Choice

When determining what skip you need, there are several points that you should take into account if you want to choose the correct skip for your purposes.

  • Size: The first factor to look at is waste skip sizes. You want to choose a skip size that is big enough to accommodate all the waste to dispose of. However, it cannot be too big, so you don't end up paying for a space you don't need.
  • Type of waste: Various waste types need various ways of disposal. Moreover, assuming that you are getting rid of hazardous wastes, you will need a special skip that is constructed to deal with hazardous wastes. If you want to use it for residential use, a garden waste skip made of HDPE is a good choice.
  • Permits: This is an additional procedure that is subject to requirements based on your location, that is, to have the permission to put a skip on the street. Do not forget to make a pre-decision to obtain a permit with your council to avoid undesirable consequences.
  • Cost: You will have to contemplate the price of the skip in the end. The prices of various skip sellers will be different. Therefore, the best option is to shop around and get a company with a skip that benefits your interests at a price that matches your budget.
  • Customisation: Some skip sellers offer customisation options such as locks and lids addition. However, if you have some strict or specific requirements for your waste disposal, you may be better off finding a company that can customise your waste removal to meet your needs.

Waste skip for waste management

Use The Right Skip for Cost-Effective Waste Management

Using the right garbage skip will help to save you time, money, and anxiety. By considering your needs, budget, and what will be done with your waste, you can choose the right one that fits your needs and doesn't unnecessarily add more costs. 

Check out products from Power Bear that help you find the right garbage skip for your requirements. Find innovative and smart waste disposal and management solutions here that will save you time and money in the long run.

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