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5 Benefits of waste balers for paper manufacturers

20 Dec | By POWER Bear

Benefits of waste balers for paper industry by Power Bear

The paper manufacturing industry is among the largest contributors to waste generation around the world. A 2012 study published by Springer Open revealed that 17% of global industrial waste comes from paper industries. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a 100 million tons of paper waste is generated annually around the world. Paper Manufacturers need to take steps to address this and find more efficient ways to dispose of their waste. This is where the waste baler comes in. These machines compact large volumes of waste into dense, rectangular bales, making them an excellent solution for the Paper Manufacturing industry to manage its waste production.

Waste Balers and Compactors improve space efficiency

One of the biggest challenges the paper manufacturing industry faces is space management. Paper manufacturing is an inherently cumbersome process that generates a lot of waste and requires a lot of space. Waste like wood scraps, sludges, and faulty paper can take up a lot of space, in addition to the large machinery and the bulky raw materials. Waste balers and compactors process the excessive waste and turn it into compact cubes that can be easily transported and disposed of responsibly. They also make the excessive waste much easier to organize and structure, significantly reducing the space they take up and maximizing efficiency.

Recycling Balers Contribute to a Circular Economy

The paper industry undergoes significant expenses due to excessive waste, from waste management and disposal services to unmarketable products that turn into waste. Recycling Balers play a major role in curbing this issue and incentivizing the circular economy to reduce expenses. Baled paper waste can be sold to recycling plants and turned into pulp or marketable products, offsetting the excessive costs of waste management.

Uses of paper baler machine for waste management

Baler Machines Embrace Sustainability

Another obvious concern from the significant amount of waste generated by the paper industry is its environmental footprint. The World Counts estimates that 26%, just over a quarter of the total waste contributing to landfills consists of paper waste. This is a significant portion and a major environmental concern. Waste balers can significantly reduce the volume of waste contributing to landfills by compacting it into manageable amounts and readying them for recycling or responsible disposal. This plays a crucial role in reducing the environmental footprint of the paper industry and encouraging it to embrace sustainability.

Waste Balers Enhance Efficiency and Safety

Managing excessive paper waste using manual labor can be a tedious task and safety risk. Waste balers and compactors can streamline this process and reduce the manual handling required by a significant amount. The bales themselves are much easier to manage, transport, and dispose of, reducing the risk of accidents and mishaps by a large margin. In addition to the safety boost, the fact that the bales are a lot easier to manage makes them more efficient and enhances workplace productivity.

Waste Balers can be a revenue source

Paper manufacturers can also treat baled paper as a source of revenue generation. Baled paper can be sold to recycling companies which bring them back into the production cycle.Waste balers aren’t just optimizing space and making paper manufacturing facilities more efficient but can turn into a source of side income for the company through recycling sales.

In terms of their roles, waste balers are simple enough machines to understand. All they do is turn large volumes of waste into consolidated, manageable chunks of waste that take up less space and can be responsibly disposed of with relative ease. Even in their simplicity, they still have a major impact on the paper industry and reduce its environmental and waste management footprint by a significant margin.

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