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ORCA technology simply mimics a natural digestion process. It works using the same principles that our body, and other living organisms are governed by. ORCA creates the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid. ORCA is a hyperlocal, distributed alternative to the traditional truck and bin collection system. We deliver significant savings because we eliminate trucking from the process while significantly reducing the harmful emissions that come with truck traffic.

Orca Technology Waste Shredding Machine

Product info

All ORCA models are equipped with onboard scales that will track the weight of every piece of food waste you put into it. The scales connect to our proprietary ORCA Portal, a personalized dashboard that will allow you to analyze real-time data, create customized reports, and look at the amount of food waste diverted over time. ORCA technology is cheaper, more efficient, safer for employees and far easier on the environment than land filling or composting.

Technical Specifications

OG15 -
Weight 159 Kg when empty
Water Consumption 114 Liters per day on average
Dimensions L 81cm x W 58cm x H 108cm
Electrical Consumption 0.43 kwh
Hourly Capacity 7 kg per hour, or, 30 or less overs per hour
ANNUAL DIVERSION Can divert up to 57 tons of food waste per year from the landfill
OG50 -
Weight 544 Kg when empty
Water Consumption 379 Liters per day on average
Dimensions L 174cm x W 85cm x H 124cm
Electrical Consumption 0.7 kwh
Hourly Capacity 23 kg per hour, or, 70 to 125 covers per hour
ANNUAL DIVERSION Can divert up to 189 tons of food waste per year from the landfill
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Product FAQ’s

Where the Shredders are used frequently?

Archives, Offices & Department dealing with confidential information’s, Financial Institutions.

What is the Security Level for the Shredder?

Security level (DIN 66399 / ISO / IEC 21964): E-3 | F-1 | O-3 | P-4 | T-4

How will the products be delivered?

The POWER Bear team will advice you about the most practical delivery option to your address.

7 Ton

Can deliver up to 4 pcs

40 Bed

can deliver up to 9 pcs

40 ft HQ Sea Container

Contact us for EXPORT FRIENDLY SKIP design.

Extremely heavy duty tipping

This skip is welded from the inside and outside and has a bottom plate of 6 mm and a side wall plate of 4 mm. This skip is unique because of the top frame beams and cold rolled profile

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