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660 L Hazardous and Medical Waste Container

Hazardous and Medical Waste containers are necessary for the safe and environmentally sound management of health care waste. These bins are designed to prevent leaks and spills and help prevent the health and environmental impact of waste such as unintended release of chemical or biological hazards including the growth and entry of drug-resistant microorganisms into our environment. This, in turn, is helping us protect the health of our patients, health workers and the public.

  • Trash Collector for Biomedical Facilities
  • Garbage Bins for Power Stations
  • Garbage Bins for Laboratories
  • Industrial Waste Segregation
660 L medical waste container by POWER Bear

Product info

In addition to being manufactured based on German standards, these bins comply with UN safety standards for Hazardous bins. Our factory variant comes with four heavy duty Ø 160mm or Ø 200mm (diameter) rubber wheels. These MGB Bins made in Germany stand tall as one of the closest ideal examples for an efficient circular economic product. The bins are also UV stabilized, the process through which special compounds that are potent guards against UV radiation are employed. Consequently, they protect polymer products from photodegradation, the alteration of materials due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Capacity 660L
Nominal Weight 37 Kg (Wheel Ø 160mm) or 39 Kg (Wheel Ø 200mm)
Material Virgin HDPE, UV Stabilized, Injection Moulded
Wheels 4 rubber wheels Ø 160mm or Ø 200mm (2 front wheels with stopper)
Lifting DIN comb
Lock Snap lock with diamond key in body, hook in lid
Color Yellow
Minimum Nominal Load 440 Kg
Description No water plug, In-mould label, Trou Ø 30mm
UN Packing Type Code 50 H/Y
UN Code UN 3291 – Clinical waste unspecified
Packing Group II and III
Origin Made in Germany
Certificate EN 840; RAL GZ 951/1

Product FAQ’s

What do I need to note when ordering Hazardous Waste Management Bins?

In order to choose the right hazardous waste management bin, first consider the type of hazardous waste you will be storing. Next, choose a bin that is the right size for the amount of waste you will be generating is crucial. Make sure the bin is made of a durable material that can withstand the chemicals you will be storing. Keep in mind to choose a bin with a self-closing lid if necessary, to prevent spills. Make sure the bin is labelled with the type of hazardous waste it is used for.

What is the correct usage for a Medical Waste Bin?

Once you have chosen a hazardous waste management bin, it is important to ensure that your hazardous waste is stored and disposed of safely. Please make sure that you never overfill the bin. It is also important to note that we always dispose of the waste in the bin as soon as possible, and keep the bin closed when it is not in use. Don’t forget to label the bin with the type of hazardous waste it is used for.

What factors should I consider when choosing where to place the bin?

When choosing a location for a hazardous waste management bin, it is important to consider the following factors: Accessibility: The bin should be located in a convenient location where it can be easily accessed by employees or residents who need to dispose of hazardous waste. Security: The bin should be located in a secure area where it is protected from unauthorized access. Weatherproofing: The bin should be weatherproof to protect the hazardous waste from the elements.

How will the products be delivered?

The POWER Bear team will advice you about the most practical delivery option to your address.

3 Ton – Up to 8 Stacks

10 Ton – Up to 13 Stacks

40 ft container - Contact us for project specific requirements

Extremely heavy duty tipping

This skip is welded from the inside and outside and has a bottom plate of 6 mm and a side wall plate of 4 mm. This skip is unique because of the top frame beams and cold rolled profile

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