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240 L SL Type

The SL series, originally optimized for Side Loader trucks, stands out from its counterparts thanks to the vertical reinforced beading that adds to its structural integrity. The latest structural and ergonomic know-how has been incorporated into all the SL bins to make it more efficient than most. An integrated footstep provides ease of use and reduces the strain on the user. The variety of areas where the 240 L SL Bin is used proves that it is a trustworthy solution with a longer life expectancy. The integration of rubber wheels protects the user while the noise reduction in the wheel mounting area ensures quiet operation.

  • Trash Collector for Compactor Bins
  • Mobile Trash Collection Bins
  • Garbage Bins for Public Spaces
  • Industrial Waste Segregation
  • Food Waste Collector Bin
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240 L SL Type Green HDPE Mobile Garbage Bins

Product info

These HDPE bins from POWER Bear comply with EN840 and RAL-GZ standards. The factory variant comes with two 200mm diameter rubber wheels and corrosion free axle. The bins are equipped with 2 hinge pins, lid, and lip handle, plus a continuous handle of 27mm diameter. These MGB Bins from Germany stand tall as one of the closest ideal examples for an efficient circular economic product. The bins are UV stabilized, the process through which special compounds that are potent guards against UV radiation are employed. Consequently, they protect polymer products from photodegradation, the alteration of materials with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 240 L
Net Weight 13 Kg (approx.)
Gross Weight 110 Kg (maximum)
Certification EN 840; RAL GZ 951/1 (highest quality standard)
Dimensions (Length x Width x Depth) 737 x 583 x 1079 (mm)
Wheels 2 rubber wheels of 200mm diameter with corrosion free steel axle
Optional Extras Recycling Inserts (glass, paper, and cans), Locking System (Pad / Triangular / Gravity), Foot operated lid opener, Lid with bow type handle, 250mm diameter wheels, In-mould labelling, Hot stamping.
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Product FAQ’s

What is the life of these HDPE Mobile Garbage Bins?

The lifespan of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Mobile Garbage Bins can vary depending on a few factors such as usage, maintenance, and exposure to environmental factors. HDPE Mobile Garbage Bins are designed to have a long lifespan, with an average lifespan of around 10 to 15 years, provided you avoid overloading the bin or exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.

Where can I use HDPE Mobile Garbage Bins?

HDPE Mobile Garbage Bins are commonly used in various settings, such as residential areas, commercial buildings, construction sites, parks, public areas, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and in industrial settings.

What are the capacities in which I can get a POWER Bear HDPE bin?

POWER Bear HDPE bins are available in multiple volumes to meet the diverse needs of the industrial landscape. The standard variants for POWER Bear HDPE bins are 120 Litres, 240 Litres, 360 Litres, 660 Litres, 1100 Litres. The Special Sizes for our HDPE Bins are available in 40L, 60L, 80L, 140L, 180L, 370L, 400L, 500L, 770L. Please note that the availability of products may vary based on our inventory. Please contact our Sales Coordinator via mail or call us for further information.

How will the products be delivered?

The POWER Bear team will advice you about the most practical delivery option to your address.

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This skip is welded from the inside and outside and has a bottom plate of 6 mm and a side wall plate of 4 mm. This skip is unique because of the top frame beams and cold rolled profile

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