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1.1 CBM Dome lid galvanized bin

Galvanized steel 1.1 CBM or 1100ltrs MGB trolley bins in dome shape design are very popular in UAE and GCC countries apart from Europe, for rear loader compactor (REL) truck’s operations. Whether for municipality waste collection program or commercial & residential waste collection, 1.1 CBM trolly bins fit very well as the waste can be easily moved from refuse room to garbage truck for collection or within a facility.

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1.1 CBM Dome Lid Galvanized Steel Bins

Product info

1.1 CBM dome lid bin, also known as 1100ltrs MGB waste container is an entry level galvanized garbage trolley bin compliant to REL (rear loader) compactor trucks, these bins are heavy-duty, strong built and safe for use. Hot dip galvanized surface gives added protection from corrosion and upgrades bin lifespan.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 1100 Ltr. +/- 6%
Maximum Load 440 Kg
Weight 125 Kg
Material Hot dip galvanized steel
Wheels Corresion resistant @ 200 mm 360° swivel 2castors with wheel stop
Lifting Trunnions Standard
Dimensions Width 1.370 mim app, Height 1.470 mim max, Depth 1.716 max
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Accessories and Consumables

Bolted Trunnion
Towing bar
Welded Trunnion

Product FAQ’s

Are the bins resistant to corrosion and what is the life span?

Bins are corrosion resistant due to hot dip galvanization on it’s surface in and out. However, if the galvanized coat is damaged due to unusual heavy impact or abuse, corrosion may start from that surface. Usually, bin lasts long if maintained properly, for up to 10 years.

Are the bins available in different colors?

Yes, upon request, bins can be purchased from us in different colors for e.g., black or grey for general waste, blue for paper and cartons, green for plastic waste etc.

Do you offer any solution for towing multiple trolleys at same time?

Yes, using tow bars bins can be connected with a prime mover and up to 5 bins depending upon towing capacity of the prime mover and turning radius in the facility, please send us more information and we can offer correct solution.

How will the products be delivered?

The POWER Bear team will advice you about the most practical delivery option to your address.

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