Powerbear is expanding to South America

The Powerbear team proudly announces the set up of its new company entity in Brazil, at Sorocaba (near Sao Paulo), under the name “Power Bear do Brasil”. The company, acting independently from its head quarters in Dubai, will be a key distributor for the fast developing Brazilian and South American markets. In the initial stage, the core business shall be the supply of HDPE plastic trolley bins from ESE brand in Germany. At a later stage, the roll out is planned to further contain Baling machines, compactors and metallic containers.


Base of the distribution business is a large bin stock at a new warehouse near Sao Paulo that Powerbear has already taken, and the sales is ready to kick off in the third quarter of 2015. A strong sales team shall boost the business throughout the core regions of Brazil.























The Powerbear team in Brazil, during the inauguration in Sorocaba on 22 May 2015 (left to right: Vinicius Ribeiro/Sales Representative; Angela Esteves/Sales Manager, Stephan Czech/Owner; Ligia Soranso/Director)