HSM baling presses can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 95%! Which means valuable space is saved on site and you have the opportunity to generate a secondary raw material of sorted bales, which can be incorporated back into the recycling system. What‘s more: the baled recycled material has a value which can offset your disposal costs and may even generate a profit. Download the Horizontal Balers brochure under the 'Download' button for more pictures and specifications.

German Distribution offers the following types of horizontal balers:

  • HSM 8 TE


  • HSM 12 Gigant


  • HSM HL 1615


  • HSM HL 3521


  • HSM HL 3521 S



Download the Horizontal Baling Presses brochure for more information.

Horizontal Baling Presses Brochure
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