Bin Compactor

Bin Compactor

Compact your waste and recyclables. You will need less containers - save space! Use valuable space in your building for better functions

The costs will be reduced through volume-reduction.

Waste and recyclable waste can be filled in the normal 1,1m³ bins and compacted by a pivoting compaction plate. The volume can be reduced up to 1 : 3. As quantity of waste and costs are constantly rising, the unit is cutting both: quantity and costs.




In order to prevent the rolls from damages, the compactor -base lifts the bin. The rolls have no contact to the floor while compacting.

Technical data of the bin compactor:

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How does it works in daily operations?

The compactor can be used in- and outside. Open the lid of the container and push the container onto the platform of the compactor. The compaction plate must be lifted. There is enough space for filling in. When the container is full, the compaction plate manually operated with two hands compacts inside the bin. It is absolutely full as soon as there is no more space for filling in more.

The container will be lifted in order to protect the rolls. Possible also for other bins like 770 liter bins etc. Operation with two hands . One for the switch for the e-motor and one for the hydraulic lever.