4 Wheels

4 Wheels

Comprehensive standard

  • Reinforced body construction, particularly at the front and rear edges
  • Base structure and high stress areas are computer-designed and tested for durability
  • Lids have side lip for automatic closing and positioning when on uneven ground
  • Wider symmetrical trunnion retainer with reinforcement tubes
  • Stronger lid pins
  • Four ergonomic handles on the side as standard (two handles are replaceable)
  • DIN comb receiver with honeycomb ribbing
  • Secure, centrally positioned water drain plug
  • Reinforced wheel housings
  • Rounded edges at the base
  • Smooth surfaces mean easy maintenance
  • Eight ribs in the chip-nest secure the permanent positioning of the transponder
  • Colours: 16 standard colours; additional colours on request

Universal emptying The flat lid containers can be emptied into front, rear and side loading vehicles using comb and trunnion retainers. The flat lid does not require a lid opener.

Special lifting devices are available on request.

POWER BEAR offers 3 different sizes of the 4 wheeled plastic bins:

  • 660 Litres
  • 770 Litres
  • 1100 Litres

The below drawing shows the dimensions and specifications for the 3 different sizes. On the right side of the drawing you can see the specifications of the flat lid and the dome lid type of the 1100 ltr standard plastic bin. All are made of HDPE plastic and designed for either front lifting by comb lifter, or trunnion lifting from the side of the bin. The bins come with 4 heavy duty wheels of 200mm diameter. Hot stamping (for logos or instructions of use) is available upon request.

For drawings and detail specs for 660 or 770 ltr bins, please feel free to ask us, or download the 4 wheel brochure under the 'download' button below on the previous page.

4 Wheels
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Sizes available

German Distribution offers a variety of different sizes for all kind of purposes.

660 Litres bin

660 Litres bin

770 Litres

770 Litres

1100 Litres bin

1100 Litres bin

How does it works in daily operations?

In the Middle East, 1100 ltr standard bins have been widely used over the past 20 years, and hence, they are very popular. Lately, for special purposes with space restrictions, the more narrow sizes like 660 and 770 ltr become more demanded.

Since all ESE bins comply to DIN EN840 standards, practically every 1100ltr compactor truck lifting system can lift these bins, either by comb lifting or by trunnion lifting device. In rare cases, if the truck is body was locally manufactured, a modification of the truck lifting device might be required. 

Options and Accessories

Lid apertures for confidential papers
Lid apertures for cans
Lid apertures for papers
Lid apertures for plastic
Locking system for lid
Foot pedal opener
RFID identification chip
Locking post
Towing system
Steel rim wheels 200mm

How will the products be delivered?

If you buy small quantities, we will send the bins ex stock Dubai by truck to your location. In that case, flat lid bins are stacked by 6 pcs, and dome lid bins are stacked by 4 pcs each.

In case you require large quantities, you will receive the bins in same stacks, but per seacontainer, and bins will be partly disassembled for the purpose of maximum shipping quantities. A 40ft HQ sea container can carry 126 pcs of 1100 ltr  flat lid bins, or 84 pcs of 1100 ltr dome lid bins.

7 ton pickup
40ft trailer
40ft HQ sea container