2 Wheels

2 Wheels

The two wheels bin is optimised for side loaders. It stands for efficiency and flexibility and is clearly recognizable by the vertical reinforcing beading on the front and rear sides. The latest design and ergonomic know-how has been incorporated into all our plastic bins. The integrated foot step protects the user's back whilst the noise reduction in the wheel mounting area ensures quiet operation.

Comprehensive standards

  • Modern design
  • Beading for stabilisation on the front and rear of the container
  • DIN comb receiver with honeycomb ribs for strength
  • Easy tilting on the rear wheels to get over kerbs through an ergonomically designed foot step
  • Handle diameter and design ensure safe handling of the bin
  • A smooth internal surface ensures easy emptying and cleaning
  • Prepared for gravity lock
  • The entire plastic bins range is available with wheel diameters of 200 or larger as an option
  • Low noise wheels (except for 360Litres variant)
  • Storage of axle on the body of stacked containers (except for 240 Litres)
  • Colours: 16 standard colours; additional colours on request

Multiple Options

  • 120Litres with third handle
  • Position of handle in the lower front area makes handling easier when used in basements
  • Individual identification
  • Hot-foil stamping, e.g. council name, council crest
  • Injection embossing of text
  • In-mould labelling: indestructible stickers integrated in the plastic material of the container


POWER BEAR offers 3 different sizes of the plastic bins:

  • 120 Litres
  • 240 Litres
  • 360 Litres

For other details or questions, please feel free to ask us, or download the 2 wheeled plastic bins brochure under the 'download' button on the previous page.

The specifications of these bins are listed in the image below:

2 Wheels
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Sizes available

German Distribution offers a variety of different sizes for all kind of purposes.

120 Litres bin

Popular choice for small amounts of waste.

120 Litres bin

240 Litres bin

Middle sized bin, ideal for any residential or commercial buldings, as well for food courts areas.

240 Litres bin

360 Litres bin

Big sized bin, ideal for small shops, restaurants and businesses.

360 Litres bin

How it works in daily operations?

Options and Accessories

Lid apertures for confidential papers
Lid apertures for cans
Lid apertures for papers
Lid apertures for plastic
Locking system for lid
Foot pedal opener
RFID identification chip
Locking post

How can the products be delivered to me?

The POWER BEAR team will advice you about the most practical delivery option to your address.

With the 40ft HQ Sea Container:

  • 120Litres plastic bins = 1008 pcs
  • 240Litres plastic bins = 816 pcs
  • 360Litres plastic bins = 616 pcs
7Ton Pickup
40ft Flatbed Trailer
40ft HQ Sea Container