Medical waste containers

Medical waste containers />
Medical waste containers

Medical waste containers

We supply high quality medical waste bins, containers, boxes and bags, compliant with UN regulations, and in yellow color. Made in Germany.

Medical waste containers

These "yellow"color-coded series of containers, bins and boxes are specially designed for the hygienic requirements of the medical sector, be it clinics and medical centres, hospital or pharmacies.

All containers comply with UN standards and are safe for storage and transportation. They are Made in Germany by ESE and by selected other European suppliers.

Apart from containers, POWERBEAR does also provide yellow bags that can be disposed of in Autoclaves and special purpose incinerators, same as red isolation material bins.

We provide, all UN approved:

  • small yellow boxes for infectious material


  • yellow standard waste bins on 2 wheels (120 and 240 ltrs)

  • yellow standard waste bins on 4 wheels (660, 770, 1100 ltrs)

  • yellow and red bags of various sizes
  • odor control units for ultimate hygiene
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How to store and transport?

All UN approved medical waste bins can be safely stored in chilled rooms, and transported in special purpose air conditioned vehicles, to safely reach the treatment facility of final incineration plant. 

Please, ask us for a detailed study of your requirements.