Waste Compactors

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Portable compactors are the clean solution for all areas with a high daily waste generation, such as hotels, malls, large commercial and residential developments.

At a glance

High-Tech equipment in special design  for the Middle East

Being the leading German manufacturer, BERINGER re-designed and engineered its waste compactors for the special requirements of the waste composition and hot climate in the Middle East countries. The result is a dedicated wet-waste compactor type, which is fully sealed, leak-proof and contains a big water-tank and a drain connector. Even shortly after market introduction it has been proven extremely popular at hotels, malls, supermarkets and airports. Manufactured in the Fujairah factory strictly to German quality standards, the compactors can be customised to any size and capacity as per the customer’s requirements. It is available in different types to be lifted by Chain-Loaders and by Hook-Lift-Trucks. For ultimate comfort it can be ordered with an integrated or an detached hydraulic bin-lift-device.

Features and added value:

Sizes available  from 6 cbm up to 24 cbm Portable compactors, static compactors and transfer station types available Dry waste and wet waste types Designed for any truck system Standard or big feeder/hopper size Standard or Premium RAM pressing power Specific type for Cardboard collection, conical shape Big manhole for easy maintenance access to hydraulic cylinders 80% full indicator LED, SMS alerts possible Optional hydraulic bin lift units