Skips for Chain Loader Trucks

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Skips for Chain-Loader-Trucks

Skips are the best solution to handle a large volume of construction waste and heavy-weight commercial waste. Manufactured at the BERINGER factory in Fujairah/UAE, they are easy to handle and to shift, and plenty of types are available to suit the right application. To avoid bad odour and waste flying around the skips are now available with full steel or plastic cover, too. Due to special design, empty skips can be stacked for delivery of several items to the same construction sites, in one trip. All skips come readily primered and top coated in any RAL colour of your choice.

Features and added value:

Sizes available  from 5 cbm to 15 cbm DIN compliant tipping devices, or customised for special truck types Conical shape for easy stacking Heavy-duty Domex 460 steel grade type for rough construction waste Open top or closed with steel or plastic cover Buckets for forklift handling upon request Special variations with crane hooks or for sludge transportation