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Plastic and galvanised trolley bins

Trolley bins for garbage collection have been in use in western countries for more than 50 years. The industry set standards for certain types and sizes, in order to match ideally with the lifting systems of compactor trucks. In Western Europe those bins (known as MGB) have to comply with DIN and EN Standards. In many countries of the Middle East the same bin types have been introduced over the last couple of years, resulting in an significant improvement of waste management services.

POWER BEAR imports HDPE plastic trolley bins, MGB type,  from German premium brands RHEINWERK/ESE and W-WEBER. All bins strictly comply to DIN EN 840 Standards and are UV-stabilised to for long durability despite high exposure to sunlight. We stock high quantities in various colours, to minimise delivery time.

1,100 ltr. trolley bins on 4 wheels are now available in different types: the plastic bins come with the old fashioned dome lids while the newer and simpler approach is for flat lids, which are easy to replace. An invention is the Lid-in-Lid-type, making filling easier and allowing colour coding of the bins, for sorting at source of recyclables.

HDPE flat lids, phasing out dome-lids

Trolley bins in the sizes 1.1, 2.5 and 4.5 cbm, made from galvanised steel, have been proven successful in the Middle East for a long time. POWER BEAR fabricates all types of galvanised bins in its Fujairah BERINGER factory. Responding to ongoing requests by regional Municipalities and from the Waste Industry, we invented new bin types with flat HDPE plastic lids, as well as stand-alone-types without wheels for fixed outdoor locations. Due to the pocket-lifting system, those bins can be collected either with a standard rear-end-loader or with advanced front-end-loader trucks which become more and more popular in the region.

All bins are designed and pre-engineered for a maximum of stacking in order to optimize the loading capacity of a truck or even a sea container. Hence, you find us very well prepared for re-export business throughout the entire Middle East Region.