Hazardous Waste Handling Products

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POWERBEAR brought to the Middle East waste industry many containers and other products to safely store and transport all types of hazardous wastes. In line with international standards, such as ADR, RID, IMDG, GGVSEB and UN-WHO. Please, ask us for details and specifications.

At a glance

Hazardous Waste Storage Containers

During the last Decade the Middle East countries focused on tackling the issue of growing solid waste. For hazardous waste, besides some treatment facilities, not much has been done to enforce an environmentally-safe storage and transportation. Traditional oil-barrels are not a suitable means for storing solvents, chemicals and oily-liquids, and drainage onto the surface and into the soil happends often.

Changing the habits of handling hazardous goods in the Middle East

Power Bear is bringing to the market the worldwide standard containers for solid and liquid hazardous waste, all certified and approved as per ADR/RID standards, fire-rated and acid-resistant. This is in anticipation of upcoming legal regulations in the region.

The product range currently comprises of:

ASF containers for hazardous liquids in all sizes ASP containers for hazardous solid and pasteous waste Boxes and paloxes for used car and truck batteries Oil collection and storage units Water protecting pallets Fluorescent tube containers