Designer Litter Bins & Recycling Bins

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At a glance

High Profile indoor areas such as malls and hotels and urban outdoor areas such as parks and pedestrian walkways require an appealing public furnishing. Depending on the overall exterior or interior design, litter bins, recycling stations, smoker stations and public furnishing can make the area even more attractive and can demonstrate an environmental friendly image. This is what our products are made for.

Our suppliers use solely high-grade materials in the manufacture of the bins and smoker stations while maintaining an attractive design at the same time. Because of that, our products comes either in high-grade stainless-steel, galvanised, powder coated or in exclusive wooden finish.

Features and added value:

High functionality, designed  for fast and simple emptying Weather-proof and long-lasting material Resistant to vandalism Wide range of recycling bins with compartments Bins with advertising space as an option Stand alone, wall mounted or pole mounted types Customized design available upon request Benches, tables and playground furniture in matching appearance can be supplied