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Filling this form enables us to create a specific quotation for you very fast. The more information you provide us with, the more detailed and accurate we will be able to quote for you. It will save your time and avoids misunderstanding and clarification questions. If you want to request for more than one product category below, then please fill separate forms for each category, which will allow us to serve you better.


Kindly always check for technical details before you are filling the form. And kindly provide as much as possible pictures, drawings or PDF specs to support your request. In most of the cases, it will help to see a picture of your situation at site, of the truck which is supported to lift the containers, or of the product that you currently have in place.



We hereby request for an immediate quotation for the products specified below:


__[1]st - Waste Compactors
____[2]nd - For Wet Waste
______[3]rd - Compactors for Chain Loaders - 6 CBM

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