HSM (Germany)

High-tech Baler and Shredder systems

HSM and POWERBEAR supply world's best balers and industrial shredders to the Middle East Region. Standard machines are in stock in Dubai and are ready for demonstration and sales.

Powerbear and HSM teaming up article 2012





HSM Management pic

Founder, owner and managing director:

Hermann Schwelling

Additional managing directors:
Irene Dengler, Dietmar Dengler


Production locations/company premises:

  • Plant 1 /  Salem, Germany: Production of baling presses (large baling presses), paper shredders and document disposal systems 50,000 m², thereof approx. 15,000 m² production facilities and offices (latest enlargement in 2007)
  • Plant 2 /  Reichenbach, Germany: Manufacture of baling presses, 45,000 m², thereof approx. 8,500 m² production facilities and offices (latest enlargement in 2008)
  • Plant 3 /  Frickingen, Germany: Manufacture of paper shredders (smaller models), 25,000 m², thereof approx. 10,300 m² production facilities and offices (latest enlargement in 2008)

Manufacturing facilities:

Modern machinery, large production depth, mostly CNC machines such as laser cutting systems, turning centres, milling machines, robot systems, quality testing devices and quality assurance systems.

Employees: approx. 660 (incl. subsidiaries and international sales offices and 74 trainees)

Turnover share Office Technology: approx. 55 %
Turnover share Enviro Technology:  approx. 45 %
Export share: approx. 70 %
Investments: 5 % of the turnover on average


  • National: over 10 company-owned consulting and sales offices
  • International: World-wide export mainly via independent importers in the individual countries
  • Sales Offices: Spain (Barcelona), The Netherlands (Doetinchem and Terheyden)
  • Subsidiaries: Great Britain (Burntwood, Staffordshire), USA (Downingtown, Pennsylvania), Poland (Warsaw), France (Lyon)


HSM – proven worldwide!

HSM machines are suited for virtually any task – worldwide. 
The FBI - for example - uses the paper shredders from HSM in HS Level 6.

See for yourself how our baling presses take on even the toughest jobs in the following examples. For references of other types of baling presses please contact us. 


HL 3521 S                                         VK 4012                                          VK 4812 V

HL 3521 bei Rudolph Fehr      VK 4012 bei Engelbert Strauss     VK 4812 bei Bayer Kartonagen

 Rudolph Logistik Gruppe      more...      Engelbert Strauss     more...        Josef Bayer Kartonagen 

VK 5512                                           VK 5512                                          VK 5512

VK 5512 bei Carl Edelmann GmbH     VK 5512 bei K-face     VK 5512 bei Süddekor 

Carl Edelmann GmbH                     K-face                                Süddekor         more...

VK 12018 R                                      VK 12018 R                                     VK 12018 R 

VK 12018 R bei Breitsamer     VK 12018 R bei Karl Schenk Recycling    VK 12018 R bei SITA