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Pioneers in waste management solutions

Geesinknorba is Europe’s largest provider of refuse collection vehicles and waste compactors. It manufactures a wide range of vehicle bodies for different applications as well as bin-lifting equipment to operate with them.

The company has headquarters in The Netherlands and facilities all over Europe.

POWERBEAR will take your valued enquiries and will consult with Geesinknorba’s headquarters, in order to select and customize the right truck for you.



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All Geesinknorba refuse collection vehicle bodies are designed to be fully compatible with each other and with the chassis, bin lifts and related products from other manufacturers.

We already provide the widest range of bodies in the industry but our highly skilled and experienced engineering teams are also able to tailor them to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our K series are fully sealed, ram-packed portable waste compaction systems. They are all smooth-sided and range from 8 – 22.5m3. Our systems reduce waste by a ratio of between 4 and 6:1 and are 100% sealed and leak-proof for sensitive waste materials.

As with our vehicle body range, we offer optional telemetrics and Geesinknorba lifting options that are either integrated or stand alone.

You can see the full range of Geesinknorba products available in any country in Europe, by either clicking on the map or using the pull-down menu to select the country of your choice.

You can then search the Products section for that country either by specific product ranges or by different product applications. Each product’s specification sheet contains essential details such as size range, dimensions and combinations available. This information can be printed onto A4 paper.